Karen George

I started painting in 2009 after almost 20 years working as a Landscape Architect. ​I work predominantly in acrylic and mixed media and am best known for my semi-abstract landscapes and seascapes with atmospheric skies. I work mainly from the studio, taking inspiration for colour and subject from a series of sketches and colour studies that I've done on long walks and holidays to wonderful wild places. This allows me to go right back to the time I did the sketch which in turn enables me to paint from within, recalling the sights, sounds and feelings I had when I was sketching. I tend to use a limited palette and after developing an idea for a composition I let the painting evolve, channeling the feelings the sketches have evoked.

I continue to enjoy experimenting and learning; it’s exciting to see new techniques and materials appearing in my work. I tend to work on several pieces at a time which gives me the freedom to allow painting to emerge as I layer paint over a gesso base and scratch/sand/rub back to reveal lost layers without overworking them.