Alan Parsons

Alan Parsons lives near London, England. He works in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and digital arts. His practice interrogates observed figurative starting points and subject matter - places and people - which he extends through combinations of media and technique, expressing alternative representations and conclusions. He intuitively explores media to express subject and sensation, thought and emotion, exploiting visual languages, qualities in materials, mark-making, and colour.

He works as an artist, educator and is a published writer. He is inspired by artists that explore the perceived boundaries between so called figuration and abstraction, from Bellini to Bacon, Rembrandt to Richter. He studied fine art at Norwich School of Art, and works solo and as part of dialogical creative partnerships. He has work in private collections in Europe and America.

The collection of paintings at White Chalk Gallery are part of a series that works and reworks a set theme - landscape. Colour and paint are applied thickly, and drawn into, creating textures and textual phrases, representing thoughts that suggest the memory of being in this place. Composition is used to bring the viewer into the paintings, seen through the agitated surfaces, where painterly shapes and marks suggest parts of the scenes.

The paintings exist as a record of what it felt to be in the landscape. They can be seen from a distance where shapes and colours coalesce into recognisable forms, and close-up, where words etched into the wet paint reference and describe sensations and emotions triggered by the landscape and being held within it. The viewer becomes lost in the surfaces and reaches their own interpretation of their landscape experience.