Nick Pearce

Nick has been a potter for nearly twenty years. Having taken some initial education at Lacock

Pottery he has been self taught and has a fascination with form and technique. The early years were spent in building and firing his own gas fired kiln in order to produce salt and soda glazed stoneware with forms inspired, particularly, by the work of Walter Keeler.

For the last ten years Nick has fired his work in an electric kiln which has allowed an expanded range of colours to be used as well as allowing him to fire at a lower, more energy efficient temperature. Forms have continued to be refined and developed for domestic ware and coloured decoration has become more exciting and adventurous. Almost as an antidote to highly coloured decoration Nick has been inspired the black and white work of American potter Robert Sperry to produce abstract wall pieces.

Whether it’s a mug, a jug, a bowl or a hanging wall piece each one is unique.

Nick Pearce