Louise Mary

It has always given me great joy to make things, and when I first tried silversmithing, I very quickly felt a strong sense of connection to the craft. I love to use natural sources such as plants as inspiration for my designs and take great care over the detail of pieces. I have been an independent designer maker since graduation in 2005.

I grew up in rural north Herefordshire, and midway through high school, I attended an evening class making silver jewellery. For me, the joy of working in silver was instant, and it was not long before I was making my first silver jewellery collection in the garage at home. It still brings me a moment of delight when a piece is finally completed, turning it and seeing how the surface finish plays with the light around it as the magical quality of the silver shines through.

I studied for a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University and as part of the course I spent a semester at Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. I spent a year at the wonderful Bishopland Workshops near Reading, then after a couple of years starting my business from my family home back in Herefordshire, I was keen to develop my practice further, so I relocated to Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter where I met many highly skilled craftspeople.